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The end of summer dinner

Well i was out with the kids last night and we went for my belated birthday dinner  ( Red Lobster )  with our new baby my nephew fun was had by all, how the time does fly!    Football pratice is in effect!! ( he's playing defense tackle ) back to school shopping is in effect! lololol  they made it home  already and all is well.

happy birthday to drinkingcocoa!! have much fun!

feeling lost

I worried im not getting any feedback or anything bet i hit a wrong button if you can see my  posts let me know, 

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!   To: beaweasley2, teddyradiator,apollinav,battle_of_lissa,pearle9240, lariopefic,
majorjune, averygoodun,snapefan520!! Im sorry Im so late but the feelings just the same have a good one and many more!

Yayyyy for morethansirius

morethansirius I wish you many Happy Birthday 's huggs

Happy Brithday!

Happy Brithday!! to cybrokat,droxy, lordb52!!!  have a good time!


RIP Alan

He was the best!

Im one happy camper! Happy New Year everybody!

Happy New Year !